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Foot Clinic at Dr. Amit Joshi’s Diabetes Specialities Centre:

Foot is one of the four major organs that get affected by Diabetes. The Foot clinic at Dr. Amit Joshi’s Diabetes Specialities Centre is fully equipped with facilities for early detection and diagnosis of diabetic foot complications.

Tests Available:

Foot Examination

A routine foot examination to check for early symptoms of Neuropathy (Condition where the nerves get affected), Ischemia (reduced blood supply), deformities in foot, callus formations resulting from neuropathy and check for infection and necrosis is done at the foot clinic of Dr. Amit Joshi’s Diabetes Specialities Centre.


Biothesiometer helps to detect and quantify early sensory loss in diabetic patients.


Doppler helps in detection of decreased blood circulation (Ischaemia).

Foot Pressure Distribution Measurement:

Emed Foot Pressure Distribution measurement system is used for measuring the pressures in regions that are prone to get calluses and corns in the foot. This instrument also used for designing special diabetic footwear that effectively redistributes the pressures thereby preventing the formation of calluses and corns in diabetic foot.

Services Available:

Chiropody (Podiatry) :

This is one of the essential services available in Dr. Amit Joshi’s DSC foot clinic at full time. Major amputations are often prevented by timely chiropody.Two trained chiropodists are available at our centre for treatment of Calluses, corns and Ulcers in Diabetic foot. Pedicure services like Nail trimming and Chiropody are done at a very reasonable rate at the Foot Clinic proper instructions are also provided to the patients regarding the usage of suitable foot wear and insoles thereby preventing recurrence of callus or corns in diabetic foot.

Special Diabetic Footwear:

We are happy to announce that we provide the best quality footwear at the lowest prices. This footwear for persons with diabetes, specially prepared using Micro Cellular Polymer is available at the Foot Clinic. Customization of Footwear (Shoes and Sandals) for patients with calluses/corns and deformities in foot is now undertaken by the Footwear section of our centre.