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Dental decay

Sharp teeth Sensitivity to hot and cold Early precancerous lesions like leukoplakia, lichen planus Oral fungal infections like candidiasis.

*Can dental pain elevate blood sugar level?

Dental gum problem (Periodontal disease) is considered to be one of the major complication of uncontrolled diabetes. The common dental problem of uncontrolled diabetic patients are followed by ex foliation or loss of teeth.

Dental pain (pulpitis) increases more on lying down. Dental pains are more during night hours compromising the patients sleep, chewing efficiency and oral hygiene.The above conditions will lead to stress that elevate blood sugar level.

Dirt deposits (plaque and calculus) will lead to gingival inflammation. Gingival inflammation when untreated will lead to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease progresses to bone loss leading to mobility of teeth and tooth loss.

*If missing teeth are not replaced what are the sequel ?

If missing teeth are not replaced the remaining teeth migrate to the edentulous space causing disturbance to the occlusion of tooth contact.

Chewing efficiency of the patient decreases and food impacts in the spaces in between the teeth. Increase in work load for the remaining teeth will lead to occlusal attrition. Unilateral or single side chewing leads to tempero mandibular joint problems (Jaw problems) If food is not chewed properly patient may develop digestive disturbances.

*What is the importance of chewing properly when eating?

Diabetic patients are recommended to take greens ,vegetables and fibre rich food and less carbohydrate.. Patients who are partially edentulous, with loose mobile tooth or dental pain chew their food partially and swallow which leads to indigestion , acidity,gastric problems etc… Patients with above problems tend to eat soft food which are less in fibre content and more in carbohydrate which can elevate the blood glucose level.

*How often to have a dental visit and why ?

It is mandatory to have a regular dental check up once in 6 months which can avoid major dental problems like periodontitis. Oral prophylaxis(professional cleaning).

Patients with regular brushing habits,mouth gargling habits can also deposit plaque and calculus which is the causative factor for periodontal disease. Regular brushing cannot approach all surfaces of teeth and hence thorough cleaning is needed from time to time. Dental cleaning can prevent dental diseases and their progression.

Dental treatments available in our setup:

  • Dental consultation
  • Oral prophylaxis (Cleaning)
  • Simple and surgical extraction
  • Incision and drainage of dental abscess.
  • Flap surgery and curettage
  • Dental fillings(cosmetic fillings)
  • Replacement of teeth.
  • Partial & Full replacement
  • Dental implants
  • Temperomandibular joint problems
  • Soft splint ,hard splint therapy
  • Bite raising therapy
  • Oral biopsy
  • Root canal therapy and crowns.

Brush twice a day, Floss and use a Mouth rinse for a healthy and happy smile